Membership in the Society

The Grand Rapids Historical Society invites you to share in the adventure of exploring our past: to join us on a journey of discovery.

For over a century, the Grand Rapids Historical Society has been dedicated to exploring the history of West Michigan; to discovering its romance and tragedy, its heroes and scoundrels, its leaders and its ordinary citizens.  We have gotten to know politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, writers, lumbermen—the people whose names mark our streets and monuments, the people who have given Grand Rapids and West Michigan its special flavor.  We've learned what it was like to journey by riverboat—by interurban train—by early automobile; and what it was like to walk down Monroe Avenue 100 years ago—or to live, centuries earlier, among the Mound Builders who lived in the Grand River Valley 2,000 years ago.  

Join the Grand Rapids Historical Society now, and you will receive advanced notice of all programs and events in The Grand River Times, the society eight-times-a-year newsletter.

Additionally, society members are entitled to a discount of 20% or more on the variety of printed items published by the Grand Rapids Historical Society as part of its commitment to enriching our knowledge of the past.

We invite you to join us on this adventure!  Broaden your perspective by learning — and socializing — with people who share your interest in our heritage.  There’s something for everyone: the scholar, the lover of nostalgia, and the just plain curious.  There's something for you.  Your membership is the vehicle that takes you on a fascinating exploration of Grand history.

Membership Benefits

Grand River Times
Grand River Times is the newsletter of the Grand Rapids Historical Society.  Published and mailed to you eight times a year, it includes current items of historical interest, details of upcoming lectures, short articles, and notices of other historical activities.

20% Discount on GRHS Materials
Discounts offered on all books, magazines, videos, posters, prints and any other item published by the society.

Supporting Local History
The satisfaction of knowing you are helping to preserve the history of Grand Rapids and its neighbors for today and future generations, as well as knowing that your support and financial contribution stays here in West Michigan.

Membership Type
Individual $30 annual fee
Senior 65+/Student $20 annual fee
Lifetime $400 one-time fee


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