Who We Are and What We Do.

Since 1894, the Grand Rapids Historical Society has been collecting and preserving the heritage of the Grand River Valley, commonly known today as West Michigan.  The society not only preserves and protects our history, but also presents it to the community in the hopes of encouraging historical study through new generations.  We share our knowledge and passion of the past by sponsoring eight programs throughout the traditional school year.  These programs are focused on the history of Grand Rapids and the greater West Michigan area and consist of lectures or tours given by guest historians and society members.  In addition to these programs, eight times a year the society mails our newsletter Grand River Times which contains information on upcoming programs, as well as other local historical events occurring in the area. The Grand River Valley History is an award-winning magazine published annually from 1979–2015 by the Grand Rapids Historical Society.

Thomas R. Dilley leading a tour at Fulton Street Cemetery.